About Us

At Biofics Organics, we're passionate about sustainability and the environment. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to take care of our planet, and we're doing our part by transforming food waste into 100% organic fertilizer that's rich in nutrients and minerals.

In a world marked by the chasm between urban bustle and rural simplicity, a tale of transformation and harmony unfolds.

Two years ago, Biofics Organics emerged as a beacon of sustainability, founded by Mr. Vikas Mishra and his dedicated team.

Vikas's journey commenced in the corporate landscapes of the USA, where he honed his skills in a pharmaceutical giant pfizer . Yet, his heart yearned for resonance between his global exposure and his rustic upbringing in Uttar Pradesh, amid farmers and their toil.

Fueled by a desire to bridge the gap and contribute, Vikas returned to India. With unwavering dedication, he led a mission to craft a pragmatic solution benefiting farmers and the environment alike.

Months of meticulous lab testing and experimentation bore fruit in the form of Biofics Organics. The team transformed food waste into premium, 100% organic fertilizer, thoughtfully infused with essential micro and macro nutrients for optimal plant growth, adhering to the tenets of organic farming.

Biofics Organics doesn't boast overnight success; it epitomizes resilience, authenticity, and teamwork. Vikas transitioned from a lucrative career to a startup journey laden with challenges, but his vision endured. Together with his devoted team, he turned ideas into reality. Their perseverance resonated, and the brand's organic fertilizer gained recognition among plant enthusiasts and farmers.

What truly set Biofics Organics apart was its pragmatism and efficacy. Tangible results manifested in healthier plants and improved yields, cementing the brand's trustworthiness.

Today, Biofics Organics stands testament to Vikas's commitment to a sustainable world. It's a movement embraced by those who prioritize the earth's well-being. The journey isn't just about Vikas; it's about the synergy of a passionate team committed to a shared purpose.

As Biofics Organics thrives, it's a reminder that success arises from dedication and a genuine cause. The brand's legacy is authenticity, and its growth mirrors its impact – one garden, one farm at a time.