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Tricho Bio-Mak

Tricho Bio-Mak

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Tricho Bio-Mak is a special formulation that
provide tri-benefits of trichoderma viride. The
different ~~ fungal pathogens like Fusarium
oxysporium, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotium
rolfsii, and other 13 groups, which are
pathogenic to the plants are source of food for
this unique fungus Trichoderma viride.This way
Tricho Bio-Mak provides protection to the crop
plants against soil born pathogens.

Additionally it have combination of multistage
fermented macro and micro nutrients, herbal
extracts and bio stimulants that enhance plant

Trichoderma promotes vigorous growth and
development in plants.

Acts as a natural biocontrol agent, inhibiting
harmful pathogens.

Enhances soil structure, microbial diversity,
and nutrient cycling.

 Boosts yields through healthier plants and
disease prevention.

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