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Master Blend Deodorizer

Master Blend Deodorizer

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The deodorizer is formulated with Essential oils, Naturally occurring plant extract and specially formulated enzymes.

It is water soluble based on nanotechnology and highly efficient to remove any kind of odor.

100% Organic, Non-Polluting deodorizer. Water Soluble and easy to use. Higher Shelf-life. Formulate by Advanced Technological Aspects. Non-toxic and non-hazardous to human health.

Controls odors longer and spread good fragrances. It improves the effectiveness of beneficial micro organicism used in decomposer It is designed to last longer and spread its pleasant scent throughout any space while effectively eliminating any unwanted odors.

The proprietary blend of organic ingredients make it a safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous option for the home or the workplace.

How to use

Mix one liter of deodorizer in 5 liters of water and spray on Decomposing area



Useful for Waste decomposition area, poultry farm, garden space, all kind of bio waste having bad odor areas.

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